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Next to operating the full Bush-E-Xperience Program, we are offering daily tours and special guides to passing guests. Please contact us in advance or even spontaneously and book your Tour below:

Hwange National Park – Game Drive –
We offer guided Game drives in this prime nature haven, Zimbabwe's largest national park. Game can be viewed from platforms or on a safari vehicle. This park boasts of enormous herds of elephants, buffalos, gnus, elands, sables, kudus, giraffes, impalas, waterbucks, lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos and many more, not forgetting the free roaming painted dogs. You will also enjoy the diverse vegetation and bird species. Our tours range from 3hours to a full day tour.

Zambezi Cruise – Day Tour -
We will show you the incredible landscape along the Zambezi River and bring you close to hippo and crocodile.

Bush-E-Xperience – Day Tour -
Choose your favourite event out of our Bush-E-Xperience program and enjoy a whole new meaning of bush life with our professional and friendly staff.

Victoria Falls – Guided Day –
Where 'angels fear to tread' our guides will escort you around the world's most spectacular natural wonder: Marvellous and amazing. Victoria Falls town also has other areas of interest such as the snake park, crocodile farm, the big Baobob tree, bungee jumping, white water rafting, canoeing, etc.

Hot Springs and Painted Dogs - Day Tour -
They are not warm, they are not just hot but they are boiling hot. We will bring you to this geological phenomenon called Lubimbi Hot Springs in the Gwayi area. You will learn about their importance to the local people in that area. Next to that you will visit the Painted Dog Conservation camp, which takes care of this endangered species. You can`t afford to miss this lifetime opportunity.

All Game drives and day tours can be extended with an overnight program. We will offer accommodation around the areas we are in, or even organise outdoor camping as per your request.