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Bush-E-Xperience Program

Theoretical Introduction

Logistical Planning

First bush steps

Tracking skills

Adrenalin Tracking


Camping & fires

Bush Food

Night Game drives

Big 5 Tour

Double Night Camp

Cultural events

Vic Falls

Village Life

National Park

Survival information. Bush knowledge. Program opportunities.

No supermarket, no hotel, no guaranty of coming home in time. What do I need, what must I leave? Be prepared for your bushwalk.

Learning by doing. We are stepping into the bush. Activating our instincts. Skilling our senses and listen to them.

What is a track? From whom is which track? How old is a track? What else tells me a track?

Tracking on Wildlife tracks. Sliding, running, searching: Follow a wildcat to its spot. North, West, South, East.

You learn how to organize a trip, how to lead and navigate your group and how to work together to find your way through the bush.

A fire gives light, a fire keeps you warm, keeps dangerous animals away, and with fire you can cook. For your overnight in the bush you will learn how to get that fire, and how and where to build a safe sleeping place.

Let us have lunch in the bush. You find your food, you prepare it and you are the chef.

While fauna wakes up we won´t sleep. After sunset and before sunrise we will be out and find out bush-night-life.

Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Lion and Hippo. Your 5 senses will sense those 5.

48 Hours outside will give experience to you, you will never forget. You will become your own. See the bush life from the center. Be within!

Workshops like traditional singing, drumming, cooking, dancing, etc.

Amazing, loud, wild, brilliant. One day breathless in front of the biggest water floats.

Stay for a day or two in a village. Don´t be a visitor – touch village life.

One day through untouched nature.

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