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The community of Chimwara consists of five villages making a total of a hundred and forty homesteads.

A homestead is comparable to a one family house, whereby instead of rooms the set up of a village yard is a composition of several "huts" and each of these mud houses fulfils its individual function. Depending on the number of family members as well as the owners' social or finical standards the number of huts varies. Most times extended families share one homestead, and grandparents, brothers, sisters, parents, aunts and children stay in one yard. Herd boys and maids are also a part of that set up and stay in their own huts.

In 2000 and during Zimbabweans land reform the community of Chimwara was settled into the Chimwara concession formerly Hwange District but now under the Lupane District. The concession measures 9.000ha and the villages are allocated on an area about 1.000ha. Since the year 2000 a committee, which is elected every four years, administrates the affairs of these five villages. The Chairman, secretary and the treasure, undertake the task of coordinating the communities' social and financial issues for development.

This concerns also the liaison with Okatoie Safaris which manages the concession in conservation and in economical sense. The financial awkward disposition, less opportunities of business participation and the absence of funds disqualifies the committee for an equal chance to fulfil those aims. Their previous engagements in tourism management were not much of any success because they leased the concession to big enterprise hunting operators, who managed their own interests of making profit on that concession but under played the community. The gentlemen's agreement ended in empty promises of Lodge maintenance or nature protection activities and unpaid rents.

In December 2010 Okatoie and Chimwara signed a contract which gives Okatoie the right to manage the concession in ecological and economical affairs. Okatoie's Bush- and Hunt- eXperience concepts shall ensure sustainable generating income for Chimwara as the land owner. Besides that we take the challenge of upgrading the living conditions, mainly in terms of health, education and agriculture. Our partnership includes aims, such as empowerment, more social participation and intercultural exchange between villagers and our guests.


Kasibo village consists of about 160 homesteads and with a population of plus 380 inhabitants.

Kasibo village is under Hwange District and lies along the main highway between Victoria Falls and Hwange, 25km north-east of Hwange town. The village has available an elementary school, a Catholic church and a small kiosk. Transport is only available three times a week, which transports the inhabitants to the town Hwange and allows, for example, organising bigger purchases.

Our co operation with Kasibo concerns above all the strengthening of social and financial living conditions of the Community in general as well as its individual villagers. Nearly all inhabitants are without regular income and have to depend on food donations by NGO's such as USAID and the European Union and support with seeds on the part of the Zimbabwean government.

Extensive crop damage by elephants, the grey giants let also grow the worries about the annual food stocks of the villagers year by year. Our purpose of partnership is to develop strategies and solutions against problem animals to promote better living conditions for both man and wildlife.

In the long term we would like to create social and financial independency through small projects. Until today we realised a school partnership between Kasibo primary school and the Katholische Grundschule Borgentreich (primary school Borgentreich) from Germany for intercultural learning. We implemented a further education course and employed five graduates as Game Scouts. A second run of that Scouts training is planned.


In 2009 Mr. Victor Nekatambe and Mrs. Roselyn Nekatambe took over the 700ha farm Annex Antoinette. Together with them we have sat down to the purpose to administer the farm with lasting effect and to initiate regenerating measures against poaching, increasing forest fires and its negative results for flora and fauna.

Since April 2010 Okatoie manages the farm within the scope of tourism and nature conservation


hwange district

Embleme Borgentreich

Painted Dog Organisation

police department hwange district

Chief Hwange as Owner of Deka Bridge Farm and Okatoie Safaris & Tours (pvt.) Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which submits that Okatoie is managing the conservation and financial issues of Deka Bridge Farm.

The primary school of Borgentreich/ Westphalia/ Germany and Okatoie Safaris & Tours (pvt.) Ltd. are co-operating in a school partnership between the Katholische Grundschule Borgentreich and Kasibo Primary school for intercultural exchange. (More information)

The Painted Dog Conservation organisation and Okatoie Safaris & Tours (pvt.) Ltd. co-operate on common tourism activities to commerce the organisations aims.

The Hwange District Police Department of ZRP and Okatoie Safaris co-operate in issues of law enforcements, security and further education on public relations.





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