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About Okatoie


Okatoie Safaris & Tours (pvt.) ltd. was established in July 2009 by Mr. Wisdom Bushe Neshavi from Zimbabwe and Ms. Melanie Assauer from Germany. The Business bases on the founders idea of gaining their dissimilar intercultural backgrounds as well as the complementary work experiences and skills, to reach financial-self-acting possibilities in a developing country. Okatoie creates synergetic through different competencies, resources and strength.

Okatoie Safaris & Tours is implementing a sustainable tourism program to realize a better place for travellers, local people and nature in Zimbabwe. Therefore the innovative Proposal is combining Tourism Business with Community Work and Wildlife Protection for a common aim. Strength and develop opportunities are shared to

1. offer a spectacular and individual experience for travellers from all over the world

2. develop and ensure long-lasting financial independences for the local community and

3. conserve the natural environment sustainably.

Okatoie gives a bright and fantastic view of the African bush by activating the travellers´ senses. The self-developed “Bush-E-Xperience” Program allows guests to get in unique contact with local men, wild animals and the untouched environment.

Employment for local villagers is created; separate projects and conservation programs are realized to ensure community goods and, all above, financial independence. The aim is, to activate and take existing competencies for self-responsibility of sustainable income as well as a friendly environment. Okatoie involves the community into the tourism activities to strengthen their social participation and, on the other hand, to enable intercultural exchange of traditions and visions between guests and inhabitants.