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Wildlife Protection

Below is an overview of Okatoie┬┤s wild life protection program at the Chimwara Concession, Annex Antoinette as well as Deka Bridge Farm and (in the near future) at the Communal Land of Kasibo:

    • Ensuring the smooth provision of conservation skills and management

    • Mentoring and training villagers in anti poaching patrols and techniques

    • Co-operating with ZRP by listing relevant documentation and arresting poachers

    • Information gathering and ground cover

    • Prevention on arising conflicts between wildlife and man through education

    • Supplying water to relevant water points around the areas. This encourages an even distribution
      of game, thereby preventing over grazing
    • Supplying salt supplements strategically around the farms

    • Working with our Game Scouts and guests to achieve the following

      • Data on animal sightings per hour and area covered
      • Proper recording of all the large game with regard to herd sizes, sex and age groups
      • Proper recording of birds found on the farm and their local names
      • Build up a herbarium with all our shrubs, herbs, grasses and trees collected, pressed and preserved (common and Scientific names) and their common uses by the local people

    • Block farming to increase the survival chances of game in that a uniform management system will
      be implemented on all involved farms

    • Liaising with other conservation bodies like the National Parks, Wild Dog Conservation (AMAGANYANA), ICA Gwayi (Intensive Conservation Area) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Hwange department.